Summer Solstice 2018

Dear Friends,

At Summer 2018 in the Northern Hemisphere and Winter in the Southern, I turn my attention to what is holy, good, true, real, noble, kind and helpful for family, loved ones, humanity, creation, Earth and all of the Cosmos.  The labor~ that is, the striving of humanity, toward the safe birth of a global civilization, calls us to our purpose and duty as midwife.  Our history of sacred people, wise people, respectful traditions, diplomacy, honor, hope and integrity are a universal language, available to each individual here upon the Earth.  

May we hold one another to this conversation and way of life, that the future is born safely through this labor into an infancy of a civilization inspiring, balanced, comprehensive, yet allowing the individual, couple, family, and polis expression in freedom and responsible grace embodied.  In this is our contentment; in this is our humanity; and it is shared.

I pray and I practice.
Let us pray and practice together.


Elizabeth Anne Hin