August 2017

Dear Friends,

If a poet were to place a flower in a vase, with water, upon bedside stand,  desk,  or kitchen table,  they would be embodying a practice of beauty and grace.  All thoughts, actions and embodiments of all beings are in relationship to their gesture, soul and life, and their movement as human being is one of prayer and practice in harmony.  

So much of the current conversation of the human race engages the survival of the predator as fittest, but this aspect of us is not present in harmony within ourselves or with anyone or anything, thus not eternal, not realized, not loving, not true, not who we really are, not the fittest at all, not fit for anything. 

Thus, I plant a flower in the garden of the Earth herself, in every breath and gesture as I am able, that the men and women of our world may realize the good faith and shared holy family of the human race, and of all life and creation upon this blessed and beautiful Earth.


Elizabeth Anne Hin