Holiday Season 2018-2019


My beloved Parents taught my three siblings and myself to seek life ennobling for others, including our family and selves, for our World, every day; and would not allow us to complain, victimize others or ourselves, or negate the grateful beauty and eloquent possibilities of grace of the human world blessed into us as life every day. If we could speak of that which we had done as virtuous,  loving life; then, we were allowed to complain~ but my wise Father had taught this to us in such a way, that by the time we would have offered the complaints, they had fallen away in the new grace and virtuous assignment coursing through our souls, hearts and into our lives, from Heaven toward the night and the day to follow.  

I find at this time of almost universal hatred and malice spat out as poison by human beings about and to one another across the World, that the path of my Father, the late Dr. William Arie (George) Hin, is a worthy patriarchal and paternal Godfather for us all,  that we form a global civilization based upon the virtuous causation, thoughts, words and deeds of grace we are to represent in our time here upon Earth, and represent what we have done to cause, think, speak and act beyond all harm, as it is done in Heaven, on Earth, then. We are allowed to partake of the evening meal, having cared for our kin in Yemen, Gaza, the Western Temple Wall of Jerusalem, the Mosque upon the Temple Mount, beneath the Bodhi Tree at Bodhgaya, India, at the places in which we have not yet practiced beyond warfare the Great Peace we are born to embody, the whole World, then.  

May we be blessed, protected and shepherded by the Saints and Sages of all spiritual traditions, this Holiday Season toward the New Year of 2019 and Always,  

Elizabeth Anne Hin