Austin, Texas
31 December 2016
New Year’s Eve

Dear Friends,

On Earth is a woman praying, breathing, contemplating, aspiring, embodying, loving~ in prayer and practice as best she is able within the human instrument that is her life~ that all of Humanity awaken as the global Family which is a seed of Heaven within us, beside all plants, animals, creation, from Enchanted Rock to the farthest starlight of our Cosmos.

The late Seneca~Oneida~Scot Elder Twylah Nitsch loved all of her life a phrase shared by Native American Deganawida and French author Alexandre Dumas of ‘The Three Musketeers’~ ‘All for one and one for all.’

On 29 December 2006, at Twylah’s imperative bequest, the Condolence Ceremony of Deganawida was formally offered to the Director of the Alamo at San Antonio, Texas, with two Texas Rangers as honor guards. The ceremony was offered on the anniversary of the Wounded Knee Massacre of 1890, in which Chief Bigfoot and two to three hundred of his Sioux people were killed or injured, several of whom were reincarnations of souls historically of great influence to the human family. They include the soul of Jesus, who was a very young child killed with his Mother at Wounded Knee. During that era, a number of the Plains tribes, including those overseen by Chief Bigfoot, were practitioners of variations of Northern Paiute leader Wovoka’s Ghost Dance theology~ that Jesus was coming to be upon Earth again, toward a Great transformation into peace. This was not able to accomplish itself in the Nineteenth Century.

Earlier in 2006, in the Spring, profound ceremonies were conducted by the late Caucasian~Cherokee Elder Carol Whitewater Dawn and myself at Wounded Knee, South Dakota, and with Elders after, in several areas of North America. Many of the souls who died at Wounded Knee are now incarnate~ are here on Earth~ including Chief Bigfoot, presently a young Caucasian~Cherokee North American man at university, and Jesus, a boy in South America. The Pendleton blanket adorning the Condolence Ceremony in promise resides in the permanent collection of the Alamo and stands metaphorically and really as a symbol of the holy mantle of the Great Peace of Humanity. On 29 December 2016, I journeyed through the region of the Alamo again, toward eternity.

Beyond scars, the thread of Humanity’s lives realized is woven. Together with these two young men, the paths of many reincarnate saints and sages among us is a weaving of the pathway through the stars, of Heaven to Earth.

In 2017, we author the Great Peace.

Elizabeth Anne Hin


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“May peace and peace and peace be everywhere”

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