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  • To promote understanding of the shared holiness and the intrinsic harmony of all of the world’s religions arising from the multiform sacred inner experiences of humanity around the globe, while emphasizing that the sacred can be realized in every woman and man, according to the practices and precepts of his or her personal faith.
  • To support the consciousness of a numinous generation of global children.
  • To encourage a body of community around the world, living from a place that is beyond war.
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“May peace and peace and peace be everywhere”



February 2014

Dear friends,

I noted my observation in the Autumn Seasonal Message that, historically, humanity enters a time of argument when moving toward a great unknown chapter. Who will win, who will lose; what are the stakes; where and what is power, gain, loss?

My experience is that we have entered the era spoken of by saints and sages throughout our world pantheon of spiritual traditions, of a time beyond argument, one world realizing itself and caring for its global family, its nature and creatures. The real power is the one from which we all come, of which we all are, and to which we will all return. The only interesting expression of this is to care for this in all, everywhere, at every moment.

The pure soul seeks this and only this: faith, hope, love, and the application of mercy to the past, for all, including himself or herself, and for all of humanity, for all of creation. And then, the miraculous occurs, always.

The Heavens answer back the call and embodied gesture of the pure soul, through a bird, a song, a cloud, an inspiration in a scientist or a humanist; and the world becomes one more particle, atom or cell awake than it was the breath before, in the moment of time before. This is an eternal truth. And this is the path. Beautiful, self-evident, pure, filled with love and only love.

This gift is evident, yet mysterious to us because we do not embody this purpose fully. When we do, the miraculous is answering the call everywhere, in every moment, throughout all time and space. This is Heaven. It is not only about us. The sweater may be for my husband, the vest for my colleague, the hat for his beloved wife, the song inspired in violinist David Garrett, the healing medicine created by the drug company which has been demonized by the press ~ the same healing substance also present in a tribal remedy of ancient stories such as Soma, the healing sacred food of the Vedas of South Asian history. Garrett's goodness and music is always within my soul, the Soma always nourishing the pure places within me, my life always warm as my family and colleagues are clothed in my prayers and my gestures, to the best of my ability. There is a room at the inn, always.

In good faith, let us pray and practice that this mystery come to meet the souls, hearts and holy breath of all of humanity, that we embody that grace we came from before we were conceived and to which we will return after our time upon the Earth, so that life itself becomes the realization of blessing, mercy, beneficence and kindness to and for one another which was always meant to be, and to which all religions direct us through adage and ethic.

This requires courage, to meet the mystery and be answered by the mystery through itself everywhere, every moment. We are one seed of this; let us be faithful to this everywhere and always. Let us pray and practice, as we enter 2014, in East Asian tradition, a year of the Horse.

Always, Beth
Elizabeth Anne Hin

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