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Muir WoodsThe White Rose Foundation was established in 1995 as a 501(c)3 nonprofit under the laws of The United States of America. The Foundation exists for three purposes:
  • To promote understanding of the shared holiness and the intrinsic harmony of all of the world’s religions arising from the multiform sacred inner experiences of humanity around the globe, while emphasizing that the sacred can be realized in every woman and man, according to the practices and precepts of his or her personal faith.
  • To support the consciousness of a numinous generation of global children.
  • To encourage a body of community around the world, living from a place that is beyond war.
The White Rose Foundation is supported solely by the generosity of donations and the modest revenue derived from its educational offerings. All donations are fully tax deductible. Ongoing generosity has allowed the Foundation to function with dignity since 1995, offering experiences of prayer, education and service, on behalf of all peoples. We welcome and appreciate your support.

“May peace and peace and peace be everywhere”



Autumn 2014

Dear friends,

In my journeys the last several years from Beijing to rural France, Cairo to Cyprus, Bethlehem's barbed wire gates to hospices and prisons of California and Texas, I find our world is establishing conversations of cooperation in addressing environment, health, education, society and our future, from engineering potable waters to philosophizing a global ethic for true dignity for all peoples, engaging gradually maturing beyond the tantrums and belief that we are only predators and prey in our natures of the arguments of human history. We are sentient beings. Something of Heaven is the very epicenter of us all, everywhere, including here on Earth. May we all awaken, live and work beyond war and greed and toward the dawn of one humanity of so many nations, families and individuals. In this is peace, contentment, and reality. It is a rigorous, worthy, noble assignment or pathway, filled with challenge, meaning and joy. When we dwell from within this and embody this, the great mystery of who and what we are, and are here to realize, is born.

Our beloved White Rose Foundation enters our twentieth year of projects in spirituality, consciousness, education and service; and we respectfully ask your help in continuing this work. Our needs are for an approximate one hundred thousand dollar budget for 2015, allowing all aspects of Mr. Blaine R. Glass's work and modest life, our transportation, mailings, office expenses, telephones, insurance, IRS fees, and all that we engage in our deep weeks of over sixty hours throughout the year. This last year has offered clothing, food, educational supplies, scholarships, help to elder Native American Medicine Men and Women, as well as counseling, classes and retreats. We work with intense commitment and complete dedication, in gratitude and grace. We would like to continue our work within the auspices of the foundation for eight to ten years, through the current decade of this global era. At seventy years of age then, maybe I would be allowed to buy a charming cane.

Any contribution you might offer in prayer, work, finance or gesture would mean so very much in all that we are and do, in all ways in which we are able. I deeply, truly request the help of mankind, of you all, in all that our White Rose Foundation is and does.

This Autumn of 2014 saw our participation in the United Nations High Level Forum on the Culture of Peace, as well as quiet work in retreats, classes, and projects within private sectors of service in health, education, counseling, and affiliated fields. In consciousness, the foundation has for all the years of its existence addressed many youth of the era born with apparent gifts of internal wisdom, seeking and heart. For those cultures addressing reincarnation, from Hinduism and Buddhism to Muslim Druze, seemingly the reincarnations of numerous profound souls of our human history from Meher Baba, Gautama Buddha, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Seneca, Neem Karoli Baba, to Yogananda and Epictetus, are among our global youth. For those without the concept of reincarnation in faith and philosophical cultural systems, perhaps these souls may be conceptualized as a blessing of the attributes similar to those of such great souls, minds, hearts, and lives to be part of a matrix of consciousness and love for all of our world. May all children of the era, in the quiet nature of their parents and communities beside them, be that great society of one world in diversity which my late Parents so lovingly sought, embodied and imparted to my three siblings and to me. My Father would enter our home after his deep work in education and service to sit at our table for dinner at six o'clock, and beside our equal and beloved profound Mother, ask the four of their children, 'So, what have you done to help the world today...'.

Peace on Earth. A dignity. A humility. An embodiment of grace in care and reciprocity. Let us pray and practice.


Elizabeth Anne Hin

As of mid 2012,  we commenced three video offerings: 'Talks', 'Meditations' and 'For Youth.' These videos are on-going, offered here through the website and are open to any and all. more>>>