We are pleased to announce ELIZABETH ANNE HIN HAS PUBLISHED three books of poetry, available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and your favorite booksellers. Click on each book link for description at Amazon.

Live Oak: Poems of Texas (Poetics) (Volume 1)May 8, 2016 by Elizabeth Anne Hin, edited by Sarla Vasiliki Joy Matsumura

Jdg: Poems of Love (Poetics) (Volume 2)
May 8, 2016 by Elizabeth Anne Hin, edited by Sarla Vasiliki Joy Matsumura

Willow: Poems of Devotion (Poetics) (Volume 3)
May 8, 2016 by Elizabeth Anne Hin, edited by Sarla Vasiliki Joy Matsumura

ELIZABETH ANNE HIN HAS PUBLISHED The Grail, A Story of Issa and Yeshua
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Audio Book - The Grail, A Story of Issa and Yeshua
To listen to an introductory sample of "The Grail"  click here

Muir WoodsThe White Rose Foundation was established in 1995 as a 501(c)3 nonprofit under the laws of The United States of America. The Foundation exists for three purposes:
  • To promote understanding of the shared holiness and the intrinsic harmony of all of the world’s religions arising from the multiform sacred inner experiences of humanity around the globe, while emphasizing that the sacred can be realized in every woman and man, according to the practices and precepts of his or her personal faith.
  • To support the consciousness of a numinous generation of global children.
  • To encourage a body of community around the world, living from a place that is beyond war.
The White Rose Foundation is supported solely by the generosity of donations and the modest revenue derived from its educational offerings. All donations are fully tax deductible. Ongoing generosity has allowed the Foundation to function with dignity since 1995, offering experiences of prayer, education and service, on behalf of all peoples. We welcome and appreciate your support.



1 December 2016

Dear Friends,

As founding president of The White Rose Foundation, I ask your consideration in generosity as we enter our twenty~second year of education and service in aspects of prayer, aspiration, spirituality, peace, humanity and ecology. We quietly serve all requests which cross our paths as we are able. My work and path are that of a classic mystic, called to prayer, contemplation, study, aspiration and action on behalf of the souls of all, toward a realization of a harmony which I dwell within and which is at the very heart of the oneness within us all. At every moment, I do my best, and it is a great joy, filled with grace.

For a decade, a grant was available to us which fulfilled two~thirds of our annual budget. Without even a week’s notice, that grant was discontinued four years ago, affecting traditions of all faiths, various pastors and spiritual groups throughout the United States, including the White Rose Foundation.

The White Rose Foundation’s annual budget stands at a minimum need of $80,000. Our optimal functioning annual budget for accomplishing all work stands at $125,000. We have a deficit of $39,000 for 2016. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization we are in excellent standing with the United States Treasury, Internal Revenue Service and State Attorney General from 1995 to the present. All donations are fully tax~deductible and utilized with our highest integrity for the good of all, as we are able to accomplish.

I personally request that you support our continuing years of dedicated aspiration and committed work. In the manner of the elder teachers who trained me, I seek at this age of sixty~ three, six to ten years of expression through teaching, counseling and writing, as God wills and we are able. Among the many endeavors we take on annually, I am composing a book on the subject of conscious youth of the generation who are reincarnations of saints and sages of human history, that we might be as holy family across this holy Earth as they grow to express the nature of their generation, the shepherding of the future~ a destiny within all children of the present.

I humbly ask your help in accomplishing our path. Every donation given makes our work possible and is received in gratitude and faith, prayer and practice.

With our wishes for God’s blessing for all at this Holiday Season and toward the New Year.

Elizabeth Anne Hin

“May peace and peace and peace be everywhere”

As of January 2015, we now offer the the ability to stream Elizabeth Anne Hin's 'Awakening Course' weekends and 'Monthly Contemplations,' as well as a selection of previously recorded talks. To listen, click on the SoundCloud icon.