January 2018

Dear Friends,

Beyond the nuclear button,  large and small,  is the state of harmony from which all arises and to which all returns.  At this year,  we address the nature of humanity entering one global civilization of many nations.  Iceland has declared equal wages for men and women,  as the nation celebrates their one thousandth anniversary as the oldest democracy upon earth.  China is forging a ‘One Belt and One Road’ (formally~ ’The Silk Road Economic Belt and the Twenty~first Century Maritime Silk Road’) map toward the future of weaving the story of ‘Silk’ trade and communication into a tapestry of society.  We are,  globally,  increasingly threaded in western suits and haircuts,  with foods of many nations,  and with the hard spiritual,  intellectual,  emotional and physical work of the bodies of peoples of all races,  cultures,  faiths and philosophical traditions building this infrastructure of ports and roads,  buildings and byways,  tradition and technology,  of  the Taoist,  Confucianist,  Buddhist,  Christian,  Muslim,  Imperial,  Communist,  Democratic,  secular and other,  oversoul of China,  the Commonwealth,  Nato,  The United States and other American nations,  Japan and The Middle East,  as shepherd.  

There is great argument and distress as the labor pains ripple through the world~the newborn heart of the human race as one race of all of humanity is being born.   The aura of the world is now realized as one civilization.  The oceans are to be cleaned,  the atmosphere,  the earth herself,  that we care for this ‘room at the inn’ for each holy child,  for all children,  to be born and raised to a path of integrity,  grace,  love  and wisdom.  Let us pray and practice.  Everywhere I have walked upon this earth these sixty~four years,  my human,  plant and animal family has shepherded my path on that strand of silk. 

When American scientist Julius Robert Oppenheimer observed the first detonation of a nuclear weapon on 16 July 1945,  he quoted from ‘The Bhagavad Gita,’  which is itself chapters twenty~three to forty from the sixth book,  comprising seven hundred verses,  of Hinduism’s great text,  the much larger scripture,  ‘The Mahabharata.’  Oppenheimer quoted chapter eleven verse thirty~two,  Krishna speaking in the sacred text:  ‘Now, I am become Death,  the destroyer of worlds.’  Oppenheimer stated:  ‘If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst at once into the sky,  that would be like the splendor of the mighty one.' 

And now,  in answer to Oppenheimer,  I note that the splendor of God in all of His~Her names and ways,  is the place including yet beyond all weapons,  the very mystery,  purity,  holiness,  grace and reality of all of the suns of the cosmos~which are the stars~and of all of creation;  and that we have just begun a conversation of one world,  beyond all war.  

We have this infant now born, to safely raise.  How precious,  sacred,  beautiful,  responsible.  In the lovely traditional Shaker prayer of North America:  ‘Hands to work,  hearts to God.’   

’With gentleness one defeats the gentle as well as the hard;  there is nothing impossible to the gentle;  therefore the gentle is the more severe (profound).’  ~The Mahabharata Vanaparva Subparva 31 section 29 volume 2,  translation by J.A.B. van Buitenen et al,  University of Chicago Press,  Chicago,  Illinois,  United States of America, 1980.  


Elizabeth Anne Hin