16 September 2019

Dear Friends,

As noted in the Spring of this year, within Taoist and Confucianist traditions and cosmologies of East Asia~ into which my esteemed late teacher, Professor Huston Smith, was born a century ago, in Suzhou, China, May of 1919~ the sun, moon and stars are aspects of the Universe, as are we all. In the sought harmony of these traditions, embodied through figures such as the faiths’ founders, Lao Tzu and Confucius, practice in prayer, virtue, and aspects of life from one’s central respect for family, to applied honor and character within one’s work, to walking in the mountains, to arranging flowers, trees, and gardens, to the valuation of education, to balance between feminine and masculine, from spiritual to material~ as practice of embodying Heaven on Earth for all, is present. This was the very signature of Huston’s life from birth, which I never saw him fail during the decades in which I was privileged to know him. 

Now, in the Autumn of this year, together with these traditions, I note the Judaic, Christian and Islamic cosmologies of faith, virtue, and applied love, studied deeply with Huston~ son of an American Christian Protestant minister and teacher, as he was~ becoming a student of all faiths as he matured, ever more deeply into his last decades, dying contentedly, in his faithful prayer and practice, at ninety~five years of age. He regarded the human being as a shepherd of the World, through figures such as Abraham, Jesus and Mohammed, so that we, the human, seek answers from Heaven to Earth together. Huston practiced that we of all faith traditions do so, not in argument, anarchy or warfare, but in realization of tolerant ethical development for the sake of oneself, one’s spouse, children, Humanity, and all of the Earth. In this we honor ancestors, becoming what we are capable of, noble, in sought and realized harmony~ children of Lao Tzu, Confucius, Abraham, Jesus, Mohammed,  and of the women of their legacy.

In this, the founders of all faiths, and the women beside them, are holy family.  We, the human family.  Let us pray and practice.   


Elizabeth Anne Hin