17 May 2019


In the Taoist and Confucianist traditions and cosmology of East Asia, the clouds, sun, moon and stars are aspects of the Universe, as are we all. In the sought harmony of these traditions, practice in prayer, virtue, and in aspects of life from walking in the mountains to a beloved waterfall, to arranging flowers, trees, gardens and bonsai, to the valuation of education and balance between the feminine and masculine, the spiritual to the material~ the practice of embodying Heaven on Earth for all, is quietly present. In our demonization of the West and the East, Capitalism, Democracy, Communism and every ‘ism’ of the contemporary World, an alignment is called for in us all, all of Humanity, to find the Tao of Taoism, the respect addressed within Confucianism, that allows the history and philosophy of the Far East to bow and be bowed to in us all.  

In this meeting of the One in the two in the three, oneself in all that is One~ into the two that is our Mother and Father, our receptive and active aspects as human beings~ into the three of something outside of our unresolved soul and life being brought back through prayer and virtue into the two and resolved into the One which is all~  is our World.  Blessed and beautiful is the unchanging harmony of all things, as we pray and practice; as the future is addressed for our children and their children, and for the great Whales and their ocean, the Pandas and their Bamboo, the Koala and their the Eucalyptus, the Elephants and their terrain. This extends into all. 

In the ‘I Ching or Book of Changes’ of East Asia, the respect and hexagram 52 Ch’ien or Ken~ the Creative calligraphed in brushwork above as the Mountain, above Ch’ien or Ken~ the Creative~ again calligraphed below as Mountain, becomes known as  ‘Keeping Still.’ In this lesson, one is as ‘the Mountain, the youngest son of Heaven and Earth.’ And let us be as best we are able,  from China, Korea, Japan, all of Asia, Nato nations, Commonwealth nations, Russia, the Americas, and all other countries, with what is being created in us all of Heaven on Earth. {‘The I Ching or Book of Changes,’ Wilhelm Baynes, Bollingen Press, Princeton,  New Jersey, varied years of edition}.  

The three part (thus far~ a fourth is being prepared) film series based upon the life of spiritual Saint and Sage, Ip Man, and his first wife, Cheung Wing~sing, both of Foshan in the region of Canton (now Guangzhou), China and Hong Kong, is a contemporary biography allowing us to regard such a life. I recommend deeply the observation of the entire series of the three films ( ‘Ip Man,’   ‘Ip Man 2,’ ‘Ip Man 3’).  The quite clearly composed editions of the three films are available on NETFLIX international in the original Chinese with English subtitles, and in other forms. I would request for aspects of subtlety and wisdom that the triad of films be observed in completion.  


Elizabeth Anne Hin