President of the White Rose Foundation Elizabeth Anne Hin’s life has been aware of attention to the spiritual, moral and humane development of all beings, including her own.

Beth has studied the world's spiritual and cultural traditions for five decades.  She was mentored by many renowned traditional tribal Elders of several continents, including Moses Peters of the Kutchin Athabascan,  Martha Neck of the Y'upik Eskimo, Thomas and Fermina Banyakya and Dan Evehema of Hopi.  Other beloved Elders have included Jojay and Frances Suazo of Taos Pueblo,  Zulu High Sanusi Credo Mutwa of South Africa, Falasha Rabbi Ambrose Makuwaza of Zimbabwe, Archbishop Menuard 'Doc' Slusher,  Vietnamese Thien Abbot Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh, and revered scholar Dr. Huston Smith.  Beth was chosen for formal adoption by Seneca Iroquois Grandmother Twylah Nitsch, who named her, 'She who listens to truth.’  Her late parents,  grandmothers and others, raised her to a code of education, joy of life and moral service for which she is deeply grateful and quietly content.

Through The White Rose Foundation Beth has offered education and service from 1995 to the present in almost fifty nations on all continents except Antarctica, sponsoring lectures, classes, retreats, seminars; participating in conferences;  creating audio recordings; providing scholarships for youth, honoraria for spiritual elders and spiritual leaders throughout the world; and leading service journeys of educational, medical and social support.  The White Rose Foundation also addresses privately and quietly cases of charitable need for individuals, couples, families and regions.

Many people have practiced and worked diligently to create this collective body of work.  We invite you as we practice as one world, one holy human family.


'Friends of Beth’ was established by friends who wish to directly support Beth's life and ongoing work.  On a daily basis she addresses many requests.  Travel is on occasion necessary to accomplish her work in prayer and service for mankind.  If you would like to support Beth and her work donations may be made through The White Rose Foundation.

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